No Longer Disappearing!

I AM BACK! I apologize for my disappearance from the blog world! Last year I got busy with my sisters’ wedding and then the worst happened. I fell into a whirlwind of despair. I thought I was ready to begin my journey of my true self, unfortunately I wasn’t. I noticed I was letting people get in my way during my journey of self-discovery. No more! I say, NO MORE!

Why should I, along with every one else, care what others think? Are they living my life? Your life? No. I am living mine and you are living yours. I can understand it’s hard to not care of others opinions. But trust me when I say this, it gets easier once you start. At the end of ย the day, you want to make sure you don’t regret anything you did during that day. If you based your actions on stranger’s opinions, then those actions were not truly yours.

I believe in knowing your limitations to start the your self-discovery journey. Well, at least the beginning of it. You may be noticing how much negativity there is in you lately. That could be due to surrounding events and/or people. Or it could even be just the actions of strangers that are bringing your glow down. *You read that right, it’s no typo. I wrote “Glow”*. How do you fix it you ask? Well you fix it by…continuing your shine. Sounds hard, right? How do you continue shining when your shine is the light that’s going out? Take this for example:

You see a family on a corner sidewalk with one of them holding a cardboard sign asking for money. Instead of cash, you give them clothes and food. But they say don’t want it, they just need money, offer a job referral, again they dent it and just want cash. Just leave the clothes and food there with them. Don’t worry about it going to waste, they will take it. If they don’t and leave it there, someone else will, someone who needs it more. A large portion of thieves are actually people who truly need the essentials. Unfortunately, the action of thieving can make a good person feel good. Why is that? I don’t know, that depends on the person themselves. Just giving a portion of what you already have can help another live and build up their faith in us, the people, the strangers who walk by them everyday. Just because something or someone brings your shine down, it doesn’t mean its up to them to decide when your light goes way. That is your light, not theirs. To me, the phrase “the sky in the limit” is ridiculous. I interpret that as the same limit as every one else. And that’s boring. Why should my limit be the same as theirs? Why can’t I go higher or vice versa? I believe your own limit is your heart, your spirit. I want to go higher than the sky, and don’t come back down.

Until next time Lovelies!



Health and Money

Now I understand when people say eating healthier is expensive and harder. I used to think that way as well. But it’s really not. I’m not saying to switch only to organic. Just try to eat more homemade meals. Honestly, since I started eating healthier, I’ve been having more fun creating new food creations. Each week I spend about $50-$60. Meal planning helps. Your health is obviously an important part of your life. But what about money impacting your life? I know for a fact that 98% people amount of money they have does effect their health. If you have little amount, you’ll stress about bills, clothing, shelter, and above all food. If you have high amounts of money, you are less stressed. Now I do realize that every one has a different situation which impacts their stress level. In the end, I think people just need to see the good side of things. This post isn’t really long. It’s just a quick thought. Until next time lovelies! IMG_0915.JPG

New juicing habit!

So lately I’ve been juicing at least once a day now. Today, along with cheese tortellini w tomato sauce, I made a juice with ingredients I didn’t think would work well together. For some odd reason that I do not know. I made it with pure orange juice, red seedless grapes, spinach, and ice. I started juicing for a better eating habit, not really to lose weight, which by the way is a bonus. I know there are many benefits from juicing. For me, I’ve been more energized, more alert, feeling lighter, skin becoming clearer, hair a little healthier, and most important, eating better. Would I do it as a diet and only have my meals in juice form? No. I only use it as a add on to a meal or replace one meal (2-3/wk). I love the health benefits it is giving me. I suggest you try it but not as a diet. Until next time beauties!