Cold breeze touching the tip of your nose, all wrapped up like a pig-in-a-blanket, sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace, trying to catch those sneaky snowflakes on your tongue, shoved while shopping, etc, ETC. The list goes on but the one thing that nearly everyone does, is making NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. Oh how…cliche. But everyone has their moments. Like me! Yes, that’s right. I, as in myself and me, am making that cliche. But that cliche is more a timeline for me. Not saying that I haven’t started it now. But I would like to reach my goals by the end of the next new year, 2017!  What, as you ask, are my New Years resolutions? Well….here’s my list *yes, a list, not one but multiple*.


Alright, so let’s get my most cliche resolution out of the way. I want to lose weight. Sooo unique Yolanda! I know it’s not a bad one but I hear it all the time from people and their resolutions. And I am part of the cliche group, ain’t no shame here though. I am not saying that I am completely unhappy with my physique. I got the rack and the booty. *insert winking emoji*. But in all seriousness, I do want to lose some poundage. I like to play sports and do adventurous activities. I can do pretty good in those but the weight and bad knee (from a incident when I was few years younger) do make some stuff more difficult than they need to be. So this is what I will be doing. I will make posts of how I am losing the weight, that way, maybe it might help you. Also to keep me on track. Well, technically, I want to lose inches. Pounds tend to look different on everyone. My goal to lose 10 inches overall. Keeping it realistic!

Next resolution! Plan, write, and publish my very own traditional hard book and e-book. It will be a step by step baking creations. I love to bake and create unique, crazy sculptures. So I decided to help others learn how to make special cakes without paying a hefty price to get it. Obviously you would need to get the ingredients, that’s a given. There will be a segment where its for kids to do, with very minimal parent assistance like putting it in the oven or melting. Then there is the other part. Cake sculpting! Specialty cakes! Cake Dazzling!! Okay I’m done. Anyways, there will be simple cakes, cake buildings, cake characters and so much more. Princesses, castles, buttercream, lights, OH MY! Yes you read that right, lights. I will even show to add lights to cakes and even show one to two cakes with special effects, like movable parts. I will even show alternatives to certain parts of a cake. Still finishing the outline but getting close. I’ll even write posts during the process. To assist others who are thinking about making their own hard copy and e-book.


THIRD! Open my own online boutique. I have always wanted to have my own online store. My bigger dream for it is actually to open a store front for it. I like clothes and finding looks I see on celebrities but more budget friendly. I will start out with only women clothes. Then probably add accessories and shoes. Maybe I will even sell kids and men clothes down the line. I think this would be so much fun. I have already chosen not to do dropshipping. I would prefer to carry inventory. Because of this decision, I would start out small then slowly raise up. Just like the other resolutions, I will post about the process. I would like to help people who want to achieve the same resolutions. I want them to know how I am achieving it and avoid making the same mistakes I will probably make. Oh, who am I kidding?! I WILL make mistakes. Now all I got to do is choose the style. Or maybe even go with a little of everything. Probably will go with that. I do like a bit of all styles.

By the way, technically I do not know how this Blogmas works. I know I started late, that’s for sure. I’m not sure of the topics these posts suppose to be but if I am doing it wrong, then….Blogmas, Yolanda style. I really do hope I am doing alright for my first blogmas post. Hopefully I’m doing good. Am I suppose to write a post everyday or what? Or just write posts that are related to the holidays? I think I need to research more. Yup, definitely. By the way, I meant when I wrote that I have already started to work on my resolutions. As I am typing this post, I am working on my cake book.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Starting a Youtube channel with my guy and myself. Alright so knowing myself, this is probably not my last resolution. But I do got to limit myself. I really do got a LOT of ideas. You could ask my mother and all of my siblings. I kind of can get out of hand with ideas. But they love me, craziness and all. Plus I am their entertainment. Anyways, back to the youtube idea. My guy and I thought this would be so much fun. We were thinking about doing diys, cooking challenges against each other, testing weird products, trying out unique food and flavors, all kinds of stuff. We are going over what we need to start off with. Also, we decided for our first video to be pancake art. That will be fun. I am better at cooking but he is better at drawing. So it will be interesting to see who will do better. I always wondered if those pancake arts were more for show than to eat. Alright, they are for show but I want to know if they taste good as well. I will link our youtube channel(once it’s created) to my blog for those of you who would be interested and want to see me make a fool of myself. I know I do!

By the way, I do have a surprise for you all and will write the process of dealing with it in the future. Once it becomes official. I will give a hint: the sound rattle, rattle. I hope this post was good for you. I wanted this post to also show that you don’t have to wait until the new year begins to start on your resolutions. And that it is not so crazy to have more than one resolutions. Thanks for reading! Until next time lovelies!!


Valentines Ideas for couples/singles

It’s almost Valentines!!! An extra special day to shower a special person or yourself with extra love! And that’s where holes in most of our wallets are created. LOL. The holes are filled with roses, chocolates, and cards instead of dollar bills. We may see the emptiness but that soon subsides once we see happiness and loving expression spread across our special persons face. Or for the singles, we feel special emotions about ourselves. We justify the spending by knowing what it will bring. I know at the same time, it can be anti-climatic. Some will think its a useless day. I do think we don’t need one day to just express our love to one another or ourselves. But at the same time, this day can be used to show EXTRA love. It can be even a reminder of how we need to tell that special person(s) how much they mean to us. I can go on and talk about what this day means and the importance of it. Instead, I’ll just write some ideas that you can do.


For your special guy: A surprise wallet! Does your guy need a new wallet or you just want him to have options? Go ahead and get him a wallet. Now get some stock cards, cardboard, paper, wallet photos, or anything you can write on that is the size of a business card. For the wallet photos, you can write on the back side for this. On each card write something the person can claim for, like “good for one movie date” or something they like but out of your comfort zone, “good for one skydiving”. So on and so on. They’re like a coupon card. Create as many cards as there are card slots or just stuff it with as many as you can. Get creative! You can hand write it, cut & paste, or create on the computer. Obviously write things that apply to them. Have fun with it!

For your special lady: Love message potion ball! Buy a jar from Michael’s or any craft store. Make sure you can close the jar opening with a cork or something. Now grab some paper and cut them into small piece but not too small. You still want to be able to write and read it. Write as many as you want! Write 101 or 365 ways to say “I Love You” to her. Roll up the pieces of paper and tie it with a red string or whatever color you want. They’ll look like mini scrolls. Now put them all in the jar and close it. Then on the neck of the jar, wrap a necklace around it. She’ll be able to take one and read it everyday or whenever she needs a reminder.

For your special self: That special item! On this day, you got to love yourself as well. Allow yourself to buy that item you been going back and forth about. Let this day be the day you spoil yourself, especially if you don’t do this often. You got to just allow this day for you to relax. It’s okay if you’re not in a relationship, you don’t have to be in one to have fun with it.

Now these ideas are just to give you some help. I know it can be surprisingly hard to figure out what to do for this special day. I like more hand made gifts than store bought ones. I am not saying I don’t like the store bought ones because I do. Sometimes the gift is beautiful, which I will admit to first sight. There are so many things you can do as gifts. The gift should be something special, meaningful, or useful to your special person or yourself. Have fun! Hope all of you have a good Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you again for stopping by and reading! Until next time Lovelies!