Hair Treatment Review!

So lately I have been losing hair. My hair has been thinning out. Every time I brush or just run my fingers through my hair, I can literally say the amount that falls out, I can make about 2-3 big fluffy powder brushes. yup, that much. What was even worse was that I was stressing out causing more hair to fall out. I just couldn’t figure out the cause for my terrible hair loss. I’ve tried so many multiple hair treatments. None of them just didn’t seem to work. I even lessened my use of hot styling tools. I barely use them anymore. I might pass them on to family and friends. I was just at a loss. I’ll even admit I shed some tears because of it. Also a little frightened. Not knowing the cause, in the back of my mind I was fearing the cause to be an illness.

I’ve been searching high and low for a treatment that would actually work for my depleting hair. I have been lucky so far that I have not gotten any bald spots yet. It has been just trial and error over, over, and over again. I became so exhausted during this process. That is why I was so elated when I finally found this wonder treatment. I have noticed this new line at the stores but I didn’t really think of it. So when I finally gave in and bought it, I was blown away. To say the least. I mean, just after three days, I saw quite a considerate amount of difference. It is the Clairol Hair Food Thickening Hair Treatment Infused with Kiwi Fragrance. It comes in 3.2 fl. oz (95 ml) and got it for $11.99. I bought it at, of course, can you guess where? Target!! That store seems to have become my go to for everything store. Weird I know!


So this product comes with a pump which sprays. It is paraben free, mineral oil free, and has no preservatives. I know the fragrant is a blend of zesty citrus fruits and, of course, kiwi. The product itself is a liquid form. You can apply it wet or dry. Apply to your roots from the ear line up. Then massage with your fingertips. It does say to spray 15 times but I only did about 10. This is suppose to thicken your hair but also helps it from breakage while still being manageable. This is quite a light formula. It does not weigh down my hair. I love to apply it when my hair is still wet or at least damp. The scent stays on much longer when I do that. It has also helped me with my frizzy strands. That was a bonus because I wasn’t even looking for a solution for that problem. My frizziness doesn’t bother me as much.


I have been using this treatment now for about two weeks. I barely used half the bottle. I can definitely say that this product works. It has been a miracle product for my hair. It has become thicker, fuller, shinier, and softer. It just feels luxurious. This is by far my favorite hair product. Dare I say, my hair savior. This truly is healthy “food” for my hair. Get it, get it?! See what I did there? lol Yeah, I know  but I had to. Anyways this is definitely a must “buy and try”. Really you guys! I am really glad that I found this. I was starting to worry that I would have to start taking some supplements. I also want to thank my fiance for pointing it out at Target. Thank you baby! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have tried it out. Love you! So everyone! Go for it! Get it! Plus the scent is pretty good too. I love it! I hope this works wonders for you all, like it did me. Until next time lovelies!!