Monthly Favorites!! May 2015!

What are you all going to do for the weekend? Anyone going to bingo night or maybe Vegas?! Lol. I know I will probably relax myself. SHOPPING! Lol! Actually maybe baking? Ok, so I don’t know exactly. But I will enjoy it. I am getting close to starting a business. I am getting excited! Can’t wait until I can tell you all about it! I’m on pins and needles. By the way, does anyone say that anymore? Have you ever caught yourself saying an old term? Lol. I know I have. On to the fun part!

This month has been so good to me. Also not the best. I know I have been slacking a bit on my blog. I know there will be times where life will come at me with full force and need full attention. I know it happens to the best of us. But I will try my hardest to make sure I don’t slack too much. By the way, I’m getting trouble in uploading all of my pics so there will be only a few pictures. So on to the first favorite thing. Well in a way, it’s two for one. MASCARA! The wings of my eyes. LOL. *who is this strange girl?* I know I can be “unique” LOL. If you know what I mean. Anyways like I said I have two favorite mascaras. First one is Maybelline Lash Sensational. I love how it gives me such length. It is truly a miracle worker for my lashes.

Lash sensational  

Second mascara is Covergirl professional super thick lashes. This is mascara is lovely!  It really does make my lashes look thick. It even gives me length. It is just umph! You know?! Next is my lippies! Rimmel London SHOW OFF LIP VELVET MATTE “Burning lava”. I love this! It is so creamy. The color is amazing. Plus, it being matte is a bonus.


Next is a highlighter. This highlighter is amazing. It gives me life! I have been starting to get into highlighters. I wasn’t much a highlighter person. I just recently started to give it a try. I got to give thanks to Sonia Kashuk for getting me interested in highlighters. I love using Sahara Sunset Highlighter Arabian Dreams. It is such a beauty! I use it down the center of my nose and the high points of my cheeks. Sometimes I will even use a little above my eyebrows. Sometimes.


Now I don’t actually have that many items as favorites this month. I don’t know why. Anyways last but not least. I got a go to foundation. It is Maybelline Fit me! matte+poreless foundation in 310 Sun Beige. I love this foundation. Ok I know I have been saying the word “love” a lot in this post but I guess that is why this is monthly favorites post. Lol. Anyways, this foundation is amazing considering my skin. I always have trouble finding a good foundation for me. Especially since I get oily later in the day. It keeps my skin looking flawless and matte! Of course. This lasts all day for me and that is saying a lot for me. I like how it keeps me matte but not dry and dull like.


So that is it for my monthly favorites. I know that it is not the much but those are my favorites. For now, of course! Now I got a question for you all. Do you consider yourself a make up junkie or a make up hoarder? What is the difference you ask? Well I consider a make up junkie to be some who buys a lot of make up but actually uses it. And to me, a make up hoarder is a person who buys a lot of make up but does not use a majority of it because the packaging is too pretty. I will admit I have two, only two, items that I bought because of the packaging. LOL. But besides that, I make sure I use all of my make up. Even if some of the items are a little too light for me, I use it in a way that will work for me.

Well, that is that for this post. I know there are parts where I ramble on. So thanks for sticking through this. LOL. Thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time Lovelies!


3 thoughts on “Monthly Favorites!! May 2015!

  1. Great favorites! I really want to try the Maybelline Matte Poreless Foundation and Powder as well. I have been loving the Maybelline Sensational mascara too. It’s funny that you talk about Vegas because that’s where I live lol. 🙂 xo

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