Mini shopping haul!

Happy Memorial’s Day! Anyone starting a good ole’ barbecue with their family and friends. I think we might be. Maybe just with a few of us. I really do hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Especially to those that got a three day weekend. I know I am enjoying mine. I am not trying to brag or anything about this haul. I actually like shopping hauls. That way I can see what is new out there in the beauty industry or, at least, new to me. Lol. That is my reason why I like them.


It is not that big of a shopping haul. I am just extremely proud of myself on how much of it was on clearance. Two of the items were a necessity while the rest was because of the makeup junkie in me. Lol. First stop was at Target. I know, I know. I need to take a break from that store. It just ends up reeling me in. So imagine yourself walking through the store and walked through a certain aisle that has an item you have been wanting. You know the item you have been wanting but in a different color. Well imagine finally seeing it in stock and then add the red sticker. For those of you who shop at Target know the red sticker means clearance.


First item. Now I have reviewed this item before, in just one color. Here . I know, I am ashamed. Not! More lip products! Maybe I do got a problem. Oh well! It is a fun problem. LOL. So in that previous post I mentioned that I thought there only one color for the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Velvet “Matte”. Well I was apparently wrong. I found four more and they were in clearance. I bought them all for $3.28 each. Original price is $6.59. I got the colors Apollo, Meteoric Matte, Atomic Rose, and Orange Ology.


Top-Bottom: Meteoric Matte, Apollo, Atomic Rose, Orange-Ology

Second item. Also from Rimmel London. I have been seeing these new items for about a week. Today I saw them with a red sticker. So I decided to buy three of the colors. I bought them for $2.98. Original price is $5.99. It is the Lasting Finish Colour RUSH. They are a long lasting intense colour balm. Supposedly. My next few posts will be reviews on some of the products I got. I got the colors Lady Marmalade, Not an illusion, and All you need is Pink.



Top-bottom: All you need is Pink, Not an illusion, Lady Marmalade

Third item. Next stop was at Ulta Beauty Store. I got three things from there. Since I kinda bought a few lip products, I thought I would get something else. Okay, okay, I bought several lip products. I tried to get away from that. Oh well! Lol. Anyways, this third product is sort of new. I got Too Faced Sugar Pop eye shadow palette. I bought this for $36.  I LOVE the colors in this palette. They are so pretty! Plus the macaroon pattern design in the container is super cute.

DSCF0910 DSCF0918

Fourth item. Now these last two items were the two things that I needed. First, I got this night time cream. I have been meaning to get one. I am getting to that age where I really need to get work on skin care routine. Maybe I’ll write a post on my nightly skin care routine. Anyways, I got the GARNIER Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream. I bought it for $14.99.

DSCF0911 DSCF0920

Fifth item. I needed a new foundation sponge. My old one was starting to falling apart. So I got the real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. I got for $5.99. I had the beautyblender sponge. That worked but this so far is better. Mainly because of the price. I’ll test this sponge out soon.


Well that is it for my shopping haul. I really didn’t get much. So like I said, I will write some posts on reviewing some of these products. Keep an eye out for those. Thanks for stopping by again and reading my blog posts. Until next time Lovelies!


11 thoughts on “Mini shopping haul!

  1. Great haul! Everything looks so awesome!! The Sugar Pop palette looks so colorful and gorgeous! I have the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge and I love it!! I hope you do too! Enjoy all of your goodies!! 🙂 xo

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