Sonia Kashuk Bronzer/Blush Duo Review!

How have everyone been doing lately? I hope life has been treating you all good. Unlike the game “Life”. That can so cruel! Anyways, stepping away from that little rant of mine. LOL. How’s life for me you ask? Well…actually how has life been to me? Hmm. Oh yeah! Pretty good actually. The sun always singing, flowers laughing, trees gossiping…you are probably going ? after reading that. Sincerely though, it has been good for me. Some stressful points but passed them by with a diva walk. Lol. Strange person that I am. I am coming on to some decisions concerning my life and career, which I will tell you all once I finalize the decision. I am completely getting excited about it. Can’t wait! But on to the important part and the reason behind this post. Onto the review!

I recently purchased another Sonia Kashuk product. It gives me a glow and color. What is it, you ask? Well, it’s the chic luminosity bronzer/ blush duo in the shade glow. It’s kinda like the Nars cult classics, “Laguna and Orgasm”. I said kinda. So first off, let’s chat about the packaging and pricing. I bought it at…can you guess where?…Target. *Gasp* shocker I know! So I pay $12.99(0.24oz/6.8g) for it. It comes in a compact like container. The container is colored copper brown. It has a clear window, which allows you to see the product.


On to the product itself! Well for one thing, it is not chalky or powdery whatsoever. The bronzer part gives you a luminous look. As you can tell, there is no glitter. It is shimmery. Of course, it does apply shimmery but not too much. Not like stripper shimmery, if you know what I mean. It can be so beautiful on the skin if applied right amount and placement.  It really does give me a nice “just sun tanned” bronzed look. And my skin color is naturally tan, so that says something. I love it. Especially when I don’t want to put on to much makeup on but I want some color.


Now, for the blush part. It, as well, has shimmer in it. But I don’t think it looks like the shimmer shows up at all on the skin. That’s ok with me though. It is like the perfect shade of light pink for my skin tone. Gives me the right amount of color. Just gives me the flushed look. I like that! Now for the staying power on the bronzer and blush. I got to say, with out setting it, both of them stay in place for about two to three hours. With setting it, it can last about four to six hours. They do smell just normal, like powder stuff. I don’t know, that sounded weird, huh? I really do love this bronzer and blush duo. I think it is worth it. I say suggest on giving this a try. Tell me what you guys think about this duo.

Well, thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time Lovelies!


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