L’Oreal Lilly Pulitzer lipgloss

I hope you all enjoyed Mother’s Day! I know I did! I went out to breakfast with my crazy family. Then we went to a plaza mall and went shopping!!! For sweets. Seriously, none of us really bought anything but some sweets. It actually surprised me considering that there was a Sephora. LOL! But that’s ok. I will take sweets over makeup anytime, any day. Then we went to this restaurant named Texas Wasabi for lunch. It’s a mixture of barbecue and Japanese food. The food was so good. I will definitely go back! I don’t know if there are other locations but if you ever end up in Santa Rosa, CA, go and check it out!

So have any of you heard that Lilly Pulitzer came together Target and created a new line? I know she created a clothing line for more thicker women. What I didn’t know was that she also had a collaboration with L’Oreal. I found some lip glosses but only one color really stood out to me. I choose the color Fuchsia Orchestra, a deep toned bright pink. Weird description, huh?


It is in a gold mirrored casing. With a animal style print on the top. The whole casing is like L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire. I bought it at Target…of course! Lol! I bought it for $7.99. It is quite opaque for being a gloss. It also leaves a beautiful little stain on your lips. I would say it lasts about two to four hours. Pretty decent for being a gloss as well.


I got to be honest there really wasn’t much to say about this product. It is good a product but not much I could really say. I promise in the next post there will be more to read. LOL. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time Lovelies!


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