Rimmel London Lip Velvet Review!!

So let me first start off on apologizing to you all for being so bad at posting. I’m so so so so so so sooo sorry! 😖😫Forgive me? 🙏To people who are new here, you are probably wondering what’s with this chick. Well my dear friend don’t bother asking because I don’t know either❓😂. I am sorry for not being able to write posts for the past week *or two😣*. It has just been hectic this month. My older sister is getting married 👰 in a few months and the wedding planning isn’t where it should be. So it’s wedding craziness around here for us. But no more excuses! Even if my eyelids are about to fall and permanently shut, I will post.


Onto the fun part! LIPSTICK!! 💄I got myself more lip product. What A Shocker?! NOT! LOL. I love lipstick. I think it’s the best beauty product created. So Rimmel London has these SHOW OFF lip laquer. I already have a few of those but I discovered something new about it. Now I am not exactly sure how long this has been out, but this is new to me. Rimmel London SHOW OFF Lip Velvet “Matte”. Now from what I seen, there is only one color. Don’t take my word on the color options. Stores that carry this brand just might not have the other colors yet. But available to me, I got the color “Burning Lava“. It is a true red.


It has a sponge tip applicator with a little dip in it. It applies so smoothly on the lips. Not drying on the lips what so ever. The color payoff is amazing. So opaque! One layer is all you need. I love it! It does dry to a matte finish but not too matte. I don’t know the technical term for it. I would say it lasts me about four hours. Then I would need to re-apply it. But I only re-apply once. Even after it wears off, it leaves a slight stain. Plus no horrible smell. Yay! For the price, it is a pretty a good product. I believe it was below the price $7.99. I think. So do I suggest buying it? Sure why not. For the price, it’s worth it. Get it and form your own opinion on it. Again sorry for not posting. Thanks for stopping by and reading my strange beautiful blog. Until next time Lovelies!! 💋



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