Sonia Kashuk Sahara Sunset Highlighter Arabian Dreams Review!

Well that’s a mouth full. Lol.  Another Sonia Kashuk product?! I know, I know. I just love this company! 😍😘 They have yet to disappoint me. I bought the Sahara Sunset Highlighter Arabian Dreams. It cost me $19.99. It is a highlighter and/or blush. By the way, this review will be short. Beautiful product but little to say. So anyways, continuing on. Even though this is a higlighter, I would say one color is more shimmery than the others.

DSCF0807 DSCF0808

Let’s first talk about the packaging and appearance. The compact palette is dark brownish red on the botto while the top part is black with gold stripes covering two thirds of it. Once you open it there is a mirror. Now the highlighter powders look is the same appearance as the limited edition β€œdeco starlet” eye palette. Just different colors. They have another palette but that is for eyes. When I saw and got this, I think they were just getting the collection in at my Target. I know, TARGET again! πŸ˜† LOL!

DSCF0805 DSCF0804

So there’s orange coral color, pale brown, light chocolate brown color, and then a pale orange pinkish shimmery color. I would say the other three are more like a satin finish. Even though it is a highlighter, I like to swirl the colors together and use it as a blush. It gives me a nice luminous blush finish. I like to use the color that is in the circle shape as a highlighter on my cupid’s bow. The powder feels so smooth. AND there’s no scent! πŸ˜– I love this product! 😍 It is so wonderful and stays on for about  five to six hours. I definitely recommend this product! It is worth buying. I suggest give it a try and form your opinion.


Thanks again for stopping by my blog and reading my post. Even when I’m being really strange! LOL! Until next time Lovelies!πŸ’‹


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