Over 100 followers + Limited Edition review!!!

As you can tell by the headline. I have reached over 100 followers!! Yay! And in less than five months! I want to thank everyone for follows my blog. You all mean so much to me! I have worked hard on my blogs and the posts I have written. If I count by full calendar months, I am very surprised that I got 100 followers in just four months. This blog truly is my getaway from the world and it’s happenings around me. You all have become my second family! If you all weren’t here, my blog wouldn’t exist. I am happy that you find my blog interesting enough to the point you had to click follow. Thank you again for all of this.

P.S. My goal to gain 100 followers was by my birthday which is in June. Next, my new goal is to reach 500 followers by New Year’s Eve! Hopefully I can make it to then!

So onto the more important part of this blog! Makeup! M.A.C recently released a collection, the Cinderella Collection. Now like I said in my M.A.C Hierloom Collection Review I am not that much of a fan for limited edition collections. But I might not be able to say that any longer pretty soon. I am starting to buy limited edition products. Hehehe! I guess I am giving in to the beautiful packaging! Lol! Darn, there goes my money! But I can say something that most makeup junkies can’t say. I am buying because of the beautiful packaging but also know that I can use it as well. I just don’t see the point of buying it if I am not going to use it. But that is just me. I won’t deny I love limited edition collection!!


So I like to see the product in person. I take a chance and wait for the collections to come to stores. I know, I know. That is risky, especially if I like what the collection. So anyways I was able to be there on the first day in stores when Macy‘s opened. Nothing really caught my eye, besides the beautiful packaging. Of course! I did end up buying the lipstick in “Royal Ball“.

DSCF0795 DSCF0796

There were only two colors for lipsticks and lip glosses but I only liked one of the colors. The one I went with is a pale nude pink. It is a great pinkish nude, especially if you want to have a soft look. It is a lustre lipstick. The packaging is a light blue color with holographic effect. With gold writing spelling out CINDERELLA. All beautiful!  I really don’t have much to say because there isn’t much to say. Beside the fact that the scent reminds me of chocolate. So yeah! There you go!


I want to thank you all again for following my blog and withstanding my strange personality! Lol! Anyways, as always, thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time Lovelies!!


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