ELF Blush Palette Review!

I know you all are going to be annoyed at me but another product review from….Target! Okay so I think I have some kind of obsession about that dang store. I do not understand it either so no asking questions. It gets to me every single time. Especially on certain clearance days. I blame myself for deciding to “just browse” around. If you know what I mean. Let me know in the comments if Target or another store does this to you as well. Let me know I am not alone in this suffering. Anyways on to the product.


I had bought a Elf product. They do have good worthy products. So I got this blush palette of four colors that you can customize. Each blush can be individually removed. Then put another one in its place. I got this for $6.00 for 0.14 oz.(4g). I really do like this palette just for this reason alone. This is definitely travel-able palette. Good for the person on the go. Also I believe there is light version of this. I saw light and dark palette. I got the dark palette.


The blushes are nicely pigmented. They are a little powdery. Quite blendable. These are dark toned with brownish undertones. One of them though has slight glitter in it but doesn’t really show once applied. Also that seems to be little chalky compared to the others. Now this is a reddish rust color. The other colors are matte. One is a brownish coral, another is dark pink, and the last is a reddish brown.


I can’t really speak on the lasting power of these blushes. I do I like it so far. It is affordable and nicely pigmented. I will test these out more for you. But so far, it is a good decent product. Thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time Lovelies!


One thought on “ELF Blush Palette Review!

  1. I love ELF! I did a full face ELF makeup post yesteday.. it was kind of interesting only using their products, but I think they are pretty underrated. I absolutely love their bronzer, but I didn’t have much luck with the blush I used!

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