Sonia Kashuk Lip review!


Today I am reviewing Sonia Kashuk‘s Velvety Matte Lip Crayon in the color “Mulberry Nude“. You can buy this at Target for $7.99. I do like this lip crayon. When I apply it, it feels creamy and smooth. I agree that it is matte. But it is not drying which can happen with a matte product. The color pay off is amazing. I love it. I like that it does not have the normal lip color product scent you normally get. I can honestly say there is no scent what so ever. Or maybe I am wrong, maybe my nose needs to retire. Anyhoo….


On to the dislikes of this product. I can not say it is lasting. After a few sips and bites, the color does wipe off slowly. I would say the longevity of it would be three to five hours. It is quite transferable. Also even though I like it is in a crayon form, I wish it was screw crayon instead, you have to sharpen. By the way, am I the only one who saves the shavings of the actual products. Am I weird? I just like to think I stretch the dollar worth of the product. As I say that out loud, it sounds quite strange. Hmmm.

MulBerry Nude SK

I am so loving this color! It is like a sexy nude. Not the boring nude or the “that is a nude?” color. It is a sexy “I got me some lips” nude color. Am I the only one that categorizes the shades like this? Maybe I should start thinking before I type. Nah, that is no fun. So far since I have started to buy from this makeup brand, I have not been disappointed! I am loving the products I buy from them. They are worth the price. Anyways I do suggest this lip crayon product. I say go to Target and buy yourself some. In this color or another. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Until next time Lovelies!



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