New Foundation Review!

I have been looking for a foundation that can last me 12 hours. Why, you ask? Just because I do not want many bottles of foundations taking up space in my drawer. I am trying to cut down on my foundation collection. I know I can’t do that to the rest of my makeup because, well, I am a makeup junkie! Proud of that title, for your information. I know skin will change during season changes so I will have different types of foundations. But I do think I have found the foundation that is good for every season. I might even suggest this for being part of your wedding makeup. I am going to test it out for about 12 hours. Why? Because I am going to be my older sister’s maid of honor. So I will be running around and making sure things go smoothly so she doesn’t have to worry about it. So I will need a foundation that will last me the day. Especially since I will be doing my makeup, the bridemaids, and the bride herself. I just need to find the right foundation for me. I found theirs already. Plus her wedding is end of summer-going into fall. So I need it to last the weather as well.


I recently bought NUANCE SALMA HAYEK Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation *with skin adapting technology*. I bought it at CVS Pharmacy. This brand is exclusively sold only at CVS stores. I bought it for $ 14.99 and I got the shade Medium Warm. It is 1 fl oz (30 ml) jar. It comes in a glass jar that has a pump. I like foundations that comes with a pump. I like pump foundations because you have a little more control on the amount of product you get.  It is suppose to help minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. It does make your skin radiant, glowing… oooh, I know. It makes your skin look HEALTHY! Not all foundation can do that. For me at least. I will say that the jar is quite thick and heavy. I’ll admit something to you all. A makeup lover’s nightmare. I dropped it! I accidentally dropped it, from a pretty good height mind you, on the concrete floor. But it did not crack, chip, or even scratch. Now that is a sturdy jar. But I am NOT suggesting you to drop test it.


Before Application plus being tired

On to the foundation itself. The star of the show! It is thick and creamy. But does not feel heavy at all. It surprisingly feels quite lightweight. It does have a slight sunscreen lotion scent to it. But that goes away. The blend ability is amazing. It blends flawlessly. It is so easy to blend out. It only takes a few minutes to dry. It doesn’t dry quick nor does it take long. I say this foundation gives medium to full coverage. I suggest you start off with one layer then build it up. By the way, this is completely build able without looking to cakey. It gives a satin finish. Between a matte finish and a dewy finish.

With Flash

With Flash

It does not sink in to my pores or my wrinkles. I will say that this foundation makes my pores smaller. So far as I can tell, it does not crease under my eyes. Also I can double it as a concealer. For myself, I use one and a half pump. I start from the center of my face and blend it outward. It does not feel tacky at all. For me, thick foundations tend to feel tacky on my face. But this does not which is definitely a bonus. I suggest also like every liquid foundation, to shake the bottle. This covers my redness and the scars I have. I love it!

With Flash

With Flash

I like how it has extracts of apple, lentil, and pearl. It is hypoallergenic and paraben free. It lasts pretty good during the day. Considering that I get oily in the T-zone area. I got normal to combination skin. I just set my T-zone area with powder. I only had to touch up on my nose but I do that with all my foundations. Other than that, it gives me a glowing refreshed look. Even though I get oily in the t-zone this foundation works good for me. But I do suggest this foundation is more suited for normal to dry skin types. But you combo to oily skin types out there you can try it since it worked for me. But I do not guarantee the same results though.

Without Flash

Without Flash

Anyways,  I wore this for about six hours. I only blotted and touched up after four hours I apply the foundation. Like I said, I powder only on my T-zone area. When I applied my contour and highlight, the foundation did not streaked or moved around. I am liking this foundation! Even though this is not a new product, I’m glad I finally gave in and tried it out. I think I’ll buy more products from this brand. I Most definitely suggest this foundation to you all. I feel like you would like this foundation like I do. Wow, a lot of “like”s in one sentence. I can’t help but say that sentence in a stereotypical “valley girl” voice. Lol. Anyways, if you do give this a try, I hope you get good results like I did. Well, thanks again for stopping by and and reading my blog. Until next time Lovelies!


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