Bubblegum Lip Scrub Review!

Today I am going to review a skin care product from the Lush Company. These are fresh handmade cosmetics. This is product is a lip scrub. A sweet sweet lip scrub! This will be a short and quick review just because there is not much to say. First of all, I hope you remember to take care of your lips, neck and the rest of your skin like you do for your face. They are just as important! So I have had this for awhile and it works great for me! It is the “Bubblegum lip scrub“. Let me just say that this is crazily sweet scented. I swear! Once you open the jar, the scent of bubblegum hits your nose quick. Same goes for the taste. It does taste really sweet as well.


It comes in a 0.8 oz (25 g) glass jar. I bought mine from their website for $9.95. It may look small but you only need very little amount of the lip scrub. I love that this company’s products are natural. They do not test on animals, which is a bonus. I know that there is a location in San Francisco, CA. It is quite simple to use. All you have to do is get some product, scrub and buff your lips. On the “how to use” instructions, it says you can lick off the excess. But I don’t advise you to do that. I did and the taste upsets my stomach.

How I do it is a little different. I get my lips moist with warm water. Then I scrub and buff my lips. I wipe it off with a washcloth that is pre-soaked with warm water. Then pat my lips dry. Then afterwards, I apply vaseline or any kind of lip balm I have on hand at the moment. This really does soften my lips. It works great especially during the winter seasons. I will say that it tends to dry on top so I store the jar upside down so the oils will keep the scrub moist. I think this is a good way to store it but that is my preference. I most definitely suggest you buying this lip scrub. It works great! I love it!

Well thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time Lovelies!


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