Anti-Stress Mask review!

So like I always say, for your makeup to be flawless, you must start at the base. Your skin! If people thought I was a makeup junkie…oh boy, they have no clue. I am a skin care junkie. I love skin care. It is more important than your makeup. Yes, you heard right! Skin care over makeup! But that does not mean you have to spend an arm and/or a leg for good care. Honestly, the best and favorite facial mask are cheap. I have done some reviews from the same brand before. It is the FREEMAN. I have quite a number of them, all for different reasons. This one is a Anti-Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals. This is used to purify and clear pores.


To be honest, I like the fun color. It’s blue! I know, I know! I’m such a simply easily amused chic. Don’t ask me why because I have no clue. Lol. I love how this facial mask just absorbs excess oil. Like it says, it also clarifies my clogged pores. This truly does work for me. By the way, the main ingredient in this is sea salt which is suppose to replenish and balance moisture. Plus, a bonus is that its ideal for all skin types.


Do be careful when you apply. Apply a thin layer of it because if you apply a thicker layer, the fragrance will water your eyes for a few seconds. Other than that, I love this mask. Plus it costs less than $10. FREEMAN brand makes good facial masks that actually does its jobs. I suggest you try this one. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time Lovelies!


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