Valentines Ideas for couples/singles

It’s almost Valentines!!! An extra special day to shower a special person or yourself with extra love! And that’s where holes in most of our wallets are created. LOL. The holes are filled with roses, chocolates, and cards instead of dollar bills. We may see the emptiness but that soon subsides once we see happiness and loving expression spread across our special persons face. Or for the singles, we feel special emotions about ourselves. We justify the spending by knowing what it will bring. I know at the same time, it can be anti-climatic. Some will think its a useless day. I do think we don’t need one day to just express our love to one another or ourselves. But at the same time, this day can be used to show EXTRA love. It can be even a reminder of how we need to tell that special person(s) how much they mean to us. I can go on and talk about what this day means and the importance of it. Instead, I’ll just write some ideas that you can do.


For your special guy: A surprise wallet! Does your guy need a new wallet or you just want him to have options? Go ahead and get him a wallet. Now get some stock cards, cardboard, paper, wallet photos, or anything you can write on that is the size of a business card. For the wallet photos, you can write on the back side for this. On each card write something the person can claim for, like “good for one movie date” or something they like but out of your comfort zone, “good for one skydiving”. So on and so on. They’re like a coupon card. Create as many cards as there are card slots or just stuff it with as many as you can. Get creative! You can hand write it, cut & paste, or create on the computer. Obviously write things that apply to them. Have fun with it!

For your special lady: Love message potion ball! Buy a jar from Michael’s or any craft store. Make sure you can close the jar opening with a cork or something. Now grab some paper and cut them into small piece but not too small. You still want to be able to write and read it. Write as many as you want! Write 101 or 365 ways to say “I Love You” to her. Roll up the pieces of paper and tie it with a red string or whatever color you want. They’ll look like mini scrolls. Now put them all in the jar and close it. Then on the neck of the jar, wrap a necklace around it. She’ll be able to take one and read it everyday or whenever she needs a reminder.

For your special self: That special item! On this day, you got to love yourself as well. Allow yourself to buy that item you been going back and forth about. Let this day be the day you spoil yourself, especially if you don’t do this often. You got to just allow this day for you to relax. It’s okay if you’re not in a relationship, you don’t have to be in one to have fun with it.

Now these ideas are just to give you some help. I know it can be surprisingly hard to figure out what to do for this special day. I like more hand made gifts than store bought ones. I am not saying I don’t like the store bought ones because I do. Sometimes the gift is beautiful, which I will admit to first sight. There are so many things you can do as gifts. The gift should be something special, meaningful, or useful to your special person or yourself. Have fun! Hope all of you have a good Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you again for stopping by and reading! Until next time Lovelies!



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