Sonia Kashuk Double Product Review

Boy, what a game! Hope you all had a great Sunday! The 49th Super Bowl was a close one! Congratulations to New England Patriots! Katy Perry’s halftime was awesome! Missy Elliot killed it! Love her! It was funny watching my younger sister’s generation thinking she trying to be the next Nicki Minaj. If they only knew. LOL! Anyways on to the fun part! Beauty!! The two products that I will be reviewing today will be from Sonia Kashuk Brand! I love me some Sonia Kashuk!


First up is the “Pink Innocencia” Body Butter. This is my dream body butter! I love it! It has the scents of tuberose, amber, and magnolia. The lotion comes in a 6.7 fl oz/200 ml black tub. The top has a sticker label with picture of blossoms. I bought it at Target for $7.48, original price is $10.99. The lotion itself so thick and creamy. But once you apply it to the skin, your skin just absorbs it. When I have applied, it leave my skins so soft. Especially my elbows. They can be so rough and dry. So this helps. I also love it on my hands. My hands become soft and silky as well. Fair warning though. It is truly fragrant! The scent will linger on to your skin. I love the scent so I don’t mind so much. But be careful when applying to hands. It doesn’t apply to me but for some of you, you might not enjoy the scent while eating. Like any other fragrant lotion, apply with precaution. I love it because I feel like I don’t have to apply perfume. The scent lingers on my skin for hours! I say give this a try!


Next is the BEAUTIFUL limited edition “deco starlet” eye palette. First off, it comes in a black and mirrored gold compact. It has a mirror inside. Also bought at Target for $19.99 (0.16 oz/4.5g). There are four colors, three shimmer and one matte. More precisely, a shimmery brown, metallic gold, shimmery white and a matte black. The gold is embossed with the logo. It is perfect for transitioning from day to night. They are so creamy, silky, and soft eye shadows. It is a little powdery but not to much to be a bother. I love it as well! As I know of, the shadows have no names. I can see doing multiple looks with just this palette. I can’t wait. Unfortunately, I can’t not say how they are when wearing them. Not yet. I have not been able to try it out! Just from swatching them, they seem quite opaque. So far it seems to be worth it.


I can say the Sonia Kashuk has yet to disappoint me. I’m loving all of her products! No regrets on any purchase so far. Fyi, this is not sponsored. I just love this company. Love the products. High quality at an affordable price. Worth it! But in the end, everyone forms their own opinion. I say give both of these products a try! Thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog! Until next time Lovelies! 💋


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