Makeup Look #3

Today I figured I would do another makeup look post. But first off, let’s do some chit chat. Do any of you have multiple dreams that lead to the big, main, “star of the show” dream/goal? I do. When I talk about it among friends and family, they all have different opinions. One is “she doesn’t know what she really wants”, another “too many, she’s gonna be exhausted”, “she’s going to be a nobody in the end”, “she really is imaginative”, “I hope all of that will come true for her sake”, “I’ll support her in anyway I can”, “too high hopes all for nothing but dreams”, “at least someone out here has hopes for her future”, and many more. All bad and good. And I take it all as encouragement to make it happen. That’s me! How are you making it or going to make it happen? All of my dreams that lead to the “star of the show” are for the wedding industry. I want to start a makeup business, earn my cosmetologist license to do hair, open a restaurant, start a wedding planning company, open a bakery, and create my own real estate brokerage after my earned years. I know that’s a lot but here’s the thing. I just want to do those and that is it. I want my name to big in the Wedding Industry. More on that later on. On to MAKEUP!!!

So today I did a look that can be bold for most but I love color, no matter the season. By the way, I only have pictures of the final look. My camera was acting weird so I couldn’t take pictures of the used products.


First off, the primer is NYX Honey Dew Me Up serum/primer, then to cover my dark circles that, so many become a victim to, I used an orange lipstick from Milani‘s statement lipsticks. Then blended in to my skin. *tip: lightly apply a thin layer so as to not look red around the eye area. Color shade depends on your skin tone*. Next, foundation was Maybelline Fit me! Matte & Poreless in 310 Sand Beige, along with the powder. Next I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in Dark Brown. After, I used Julep‘s matte eye primer. Finally, onto my eye look.


I used Urban Decay‘s Electric palette and Bh Cosmetics 88 color matte eyeshadow and 88 color neutral eyeshadow palettes. I started with my crease a light peachy shadow from the 88 matte palette. (for reference, third row from the right, second from top). Next, I added a reddish dark brown from 88 neutral palette. (For reference, far right row, second from bottom). Onto my lid, I used Gonzo from the Electric palette. I patted that color on, slowly adding color. Next I used an yellow white, almost most white, as my highlight. Then I added the blue and dark brown to my lower lash line.


I lined my eyes with Covergirl‘s bombshell eyeliner. Then used L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes excess mascara. Both on my upper and lower lashes. For highlight and contour I used Anastasia Beverly HillsBanana and Sand for highlight/illuminizer and Fawn for contour. Next was Milani‘s romantic rose for blush. Lastly but most important part *for me at least* on my lips I mixed and used Cookie from ColourPop and Caramel Kiss from Covergirl. And that there, folks, is my makeup look for today. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time, lovelies! 💋


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