Maybelline Fit me! foundation First Impression!

So if you have even somewhat of oily skin, you know the troubles. Finding the right foundation is not quite the easy task to do. For us oily people, foundation can sure be picky. Even if the foundation claims to be “matte”. Most of the time that “claim” lasts for about two and an half hours, for me at least. You wanna know the weird part? Most of the dewy foundations I have work a lot better for me than the matte ones. Strange, right? Especially around the nose area. That part is hell for me. By the way, am I the only one that’s lazy to go back and return the foundation that did not work? Well, I am lazy on that part. Except if it is an expensive one. I do have a small collection of foundations but not too big like what I’m seeing nowadays.

On to the review! I got the Maybelline Fit me! matte+poreless foundation. Now this an addition to the normal Fit me foundation. This is just meant for normal to oily. The regular is more recommended for dry to combination. I am in the shade 310, sun biege. I have the liquid and powder. I got both of them from CVS for $8.99. The liquid is 1 fl. oz and the powder is 0.29 oz. So obviously by the title, the formulation is supposedly to mattifies and refines pores.


So far, it does pretty much what it says it does. It mattifies my skin and at least minimize my pores. It stays intact for the most part but transfer pretty easy if you wipe your face for whatever reason. Luckily for me, I don’t really touch my face when I have makeup on. I accidentally swiped my forehead and you can almost see where I swiped. But that part won’t be a problem for me very much. It does it’s job. And that is saying a lot from me. My skin can be so picky. One day oily, another day dry, and then another day its normal. Bad skin bad! Makeup your mind!

The liquid foundation is super blend able. Once you buff it into your skin, it quickly mattifies. I like that part. Surprisingly, it did refined the appearance of my pores. Now the powder is light and blend able. I do want to try by itself to see the coverage. With the liquid, just one layer was enough to cover my slight redness and blemishes. With both the liquid and powder on, it still feels light. Not heavy at all. A bonus for this is that it’s good for flash photography. There is no flashback. That’s awesome since you will probably be in photos once in a awhile, selfie or group photo. Either way, I think it’s good for photography. Also, it says it is 12 hour long wear. I’ll test that claim next time. Now, again, everyone’s preference is different. So some might like it and some might not.

DSCF0451 DSCF0453 DSCF0456

By the way, excuse the crazy hair. It was a loong day. lol

Anyways, I say it is a good buy especially for you oily peeps out there. It’s pretty amazing. For once, a claim is actually true. I love that! I can see myself using this more in the near future. Maybe even becoming a new favorite. We will see. For now, I say try it out yourself and see. Thanks for reading! Until next time lovelies! πŸ’‹


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