Lash Sensational/Wonderlash Review Round!

I always say if wearing too much makeup isn’t your thing, put on some mascara. Eyebrows frame your face, mascara pops your eyes more. First part of this post is on Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. Let me say, I’M LOVIN’ IT! First off, the formula is lengthening and thickening. I don’t need to curl my lashes for them to pop. It’s great! When I do curl them, it’s even more dramatic. For me, I don’t need to put on falsies because this does the job. The wand is curled. The bristles on the outward curve side are long while the bristles on the inward curve side are short. They are soft like silicone-feel. The formula is smooth, creamy and quite thick. I actually dab the tip of the wand on my finger to feel what the formula feels like. I’ve felt some formulas in the past that felt way too thick and some too liquid. I suggest to pair this mascara with a bare to all makeup look. This next mascara, I was excited for! You’ll read about in a moment. Here are the pictures.

20150111_163531 20150111_163729

From the left(my right) of the picture is Maybelline Lash Sensational and on the right(my left) is Rimmel London Wonderlash. Both are in the color black.

DSCF0391 DSCF0392 DSCF0393 DSCF0403 This is without flash

DSCF0402These two are with flashDSCF0398

Now onto Rimmel London Wonderlash mascara. It’s wand is normal but soft rubber bristles. The formula is so smooth and creamy. Especially since it has argan oil in it. Which is wonderful! 😆 See what I did there? *laughing at myself while being blankly stared at* I’m such a dork😜. When I saw this, it caught my eye. Besides the beautiful packaging.Of course. It does lengthen and define my lashes, unfortunately it does not thicken. As you can see in the pictures, my right(left of picture) lashes are more thicker than my left(right of picture). They are, though, the same length. I did not curl my lashes for these pictures. But if you curl your lashes, they do look a little thicker but not much. I would recommend this mascara for a bare to light makeup look.

I bought them both from Target. The Wonderlash was $9.99 and the Lash Sensational was $6.99. I recommend them for a buy and try. I like both of them but love the Lash Sensational more. So, I say the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara won this round. Thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog. Even though I write jokes 🎭 that only I can find funny. I’m strange. Until next time lovelies.💋


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