New Lippies Review!

I recently bought four new lipsticks. I know two of them are from a new line of collection. Two from Covergirl, one from Maybelline, and one from Fergies line in Wet n Wild. First off I love all of these colors. Especially the bold one! 🙂 Btw, I bought them all from Target. Target is like my heaven! I always seem to walk out of there with more than I walk in for. ;P I also wanna apologize for the picures. I forgot to swatch them during the day. It got dark real fast before I knew it. Plus when I finished my run, I noticed the time. So excuse the sweaty face. *I tried to wipe it off as best I can.* These are taken with flash too.

(From left to right) Fergie Daily;Wet n Wild, Lilac Flush;Maybelline *new*, Caramel Kiss;Covergirl *new*, Coquette;Covergirl

(From left to right) Fergie Daily;Wet n Wild, Lilac Flush;Maybelline *new*, Caramel Kiss;Covergirl *new*, Coquette;Covergirl

So far, I like the formula. They are all creamy, thick, and opaque. One coat is pretty good color. I do two coats though. None of them seem to dry my lips, which is good. Btw, Lilac Flush and Caramel Kiss are new colors from a new collection. I don’t know the name for the Maybelline one, I think it’s just a new line of colors. I know the Covergirl one is from the Colorlicious line.

Fergie Daily. Muted nude with a pink undertone

Fergie Daily. A muted nude with a pink undertone. I suggest a nice smoky eye of any color.


Lilac Flush. A true lilac with a slight blue undertone, that I see at least. I suggest to pair with a basic eyeliner look, if the color is too bold. I honestly love this color. So I can see with multiple looks.


Caramel Kiss. Nice warm nude with brown undertone. Suggest to pair it with a smoky eye or minimal look.


Coquette. A shimmery dark pink with purple undertone. I’m not quite sure how to describe the color. But it’s beautiful that’s for sure. Again good to pair with a smoky eye or neutral eye look.

Out of all of these, I suggest to buy Lilac Flush and Caramel Kiss. This were good purchases. I can definitely see myself using these a lot in the future. I did, by luck, wore Caramel Kiss during the day. I’ll post a picture. But it was towards the end of day, when daylight was going down. Here’s a hint of the next two posts. Lashes! Can’t wait! Thank you again for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time lovelies! 💋



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