Color Mascara or Not?

So I know color mascara been around for awhile. But I’ve noticed that lately people have been wearing it a lot more. Then again, I didn’t really take notice of the mascara color. I see that people use it mainly on the lower lashes and tips of the upper lashes. I got to say, it’s an interesting look to do. I think you have to be the kind of person to like to be playful with makeup. I would try it. I like to have fun with colors.

I bought Maybelline’s MEGA PLUSH DEEP VELVETS VOLUM EXPRESS mascara in purple velvet, obviously. 😜. I love the color already. I gave it a try once so far but that was when I needed to put on makeup real quick. In one of the next few posts, I post another makeup look with this mascara. I think the color looks.



For me though, I think colored mascara would look good by itself or with a certain look. Like I wrote earlier, it’s a fun addition to your makeup. You could make makeup magic with it. Have fun with it! I’ll let you all know how I like it. Thanks again for stopping by and reading my posts. Until next post lovelies!💋


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