The gold flakes trend

So lately I’ve seen many products coming out gold flakes in them. I understand that gold is a mineral and that it has some benefits. I’ve seen primers, skin care, nail care, nail color, To be honest, I feel extra fancy when I use something with gold in it. I think it’s interesting. But at the same time, those types of products can cause a black hole in your wallet. I just bought NYX’s HONEY DEW ME UP skin serum and primer.


So far, the scent reminds me of those types of old time face creams. It does feel quite thick and creamy. The honey is for natural antiseptic, gold flakes is used to increase skin radiance, while the collagen is for smoother skin. I’m going to use it for a week and look for a difference. Then I’ll write a review on it. Anyways, have anyone else notice the trend as well? Or is it just me being slow and just now taking notice? I don’t know. I swear it’s coming up everywhere in products or at least being marketed a lot more. Let me know what you think about this product. Also, tell me about a product you have that contains gold. Two posts in day, not bad 🙂 That’s a first for me. I feel so proud! 🙂 Well thank you for coming to my blog and reading it. Until next post lovelies!


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