Got to compromise!

So I wrote in my previous post, this past weekend (1/2-1/4) I went to a SacAnime convention in Sacramento, Ca with my family. Sorry I did not post for Sunday. The day lasted longer than I thought. I’m not really into anime. So in the end, it did not appeal to me. I did keep an open mind though, like I said I would. Let me just say it was weird and annoying. It was like Halloween. People dressing as characters from cartoons aka anime. Now, first off, there were a lot of girls who were looking for an excuse to show their bottoms, boobs, and everything else. Seriously, there were girls that I wanted to slap the sh** out of them, drag their a***s, and buy them pants and a big shirt. SERIOUSLY!! EEWW! I know, I know, people do the same thing on Halloween. And I feel the same thing. Surprisingly I saw no guys shirtless. Anyways, I don’t care what it is for, those certain girls there have to get some class. That’s my opinion.

There was also this alpaca at every other vendor. I guess it’s a trend right now? The stuffed Alpaca toy were adorable though. Surprisingly enough, my guy did not care for this event. He said it wasn’t interesting this year. When he used to live another state he used to go to one every year with his friends. Well, I guess he’s the one to know if it’s interesting or not. He does many things and goes to many places for me, so much that, of course, I had to go to this event for him. It is only fair. He’s tries everything to please me, so I try to please him by trying out his interests as well. Only fair that I try to understand his interests and hobbies like he does for me. To have a perfect relationship, in yours and his view, you must compromise with each other. In the end, compromising helps the relationship become stronger and lasting.

Would I  ever go to that kind of event again? Nope. At least, not by myself. It was interesting watching what these people do and what they find is fun. I wouldn’t tell them to be “normal” like other people. Because, for them, that is normal. No one’s normalcy is the same as another. Just like a relationship, we must compromise with strangers around us. People need to respect one another’s interests and hobbies. Even if you don’t like and approve it, in the end, its theirs not yours. To live among other humans, we must not belittle someone’s hoobies and interests. Unless of course it’s not safe, then step in and help. For me at least that’s the line. Thanks again for reading my blog post.Until next post lovelies!


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