What is True Love to me

True love is different for everyone. For me, it’s looking at my guy and being amazed he chose to be with me. We started as a long distance and stayed like that for a few years. Me in California and him in Kansas. Also with Kansas being two hours ahead of California, it was difficult at times. But that did not deter us. After 6 years, he took the chance and moved in with me, in California. That was nearly 3 years ago. We have not regretted a moment. I have not regretted a single moment.

Everyday I look at him and fall in love all over again. That’s cheesy, huh? I thought so as well before him. I never thought that was possible. I was told about true love stories from old time neighbors, elders, and believers. Once you find that one extra special person, it becomes real for you. You learn that some fairytales can become the real thing for you. That there is “magic” in the world.

My true love is where I can overlook the bad things in life because of him. My faith and hope for the human kind stays strong because of him. His goofy self keeps me smiling and laughing. My joy never ceases with him. I even gained another joy in life because of him. Our beautiful daughter, Serenity. Yes, we have fights. But my love for him overcomes any negative feelings towards him. My eyes soften only for him in a way a partner love can receive. I cherish the moments we have together.

It surprises me everyday when I look at him, especially the moments where I fall in love all over again. Those emotions rush throughout my body. Leaving me feeling weightless. And yes, there’s the physical attraction. That just adds on to my love for him. I will always see him as a beautiful man and soul. Even if, Heaven forbid, we part our ways, he will always bey best friend. My love for him goes beyond as a life partner but also a love for a life friend. That is my “True Love” story. I hope you all find your own “True Love”. Whether it be romantically, friendly, or any other way. Enjoy and cherish your story. Until next time, lovelies.



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