Health and Money

Now I understand when people say eating healthier is expensive and harder. I used to think that way as well. But it’s really not. I’m not saying to switch only to organic. Just try to eat more homemade meals. Honestly, since I started eating healthier, I’ve been having more fun creating new food creations. Each week I spend about $50-$60. Meal planning helps. Your health is obviously an important part of your life. But what about money impacting your life? I know for a fact that 98% people amount of money they have does effect their health. If you have little amount, you’ll stress about bills, clothing, shelter, and above all food. If you have high amounts of money, you are less stressed. Now I do realize that every one has a different situation which impacts their stress level. In the end, I think people just need to see the good side of things. This post isn’t really long. It’s just a quick thought. Until next time lovelies! IMG_0915.JPG


One thought on “Health and Money

  1. I was thinking this the other day. I don’t find it that much more expensive. Stuff from the health food shop can be, but everyday fruits and salad isn’t. Just a lot more time spent prepping and cooking which I’ve learnt to love now. Amazing what you can make from the basics.

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