New juicing habit!

So lately I’ve been juicing at least once a day now. Today, along with cheese tortellini w tomato sauce, I made a juice with ingredients I didn’t think would work well together. For some odd reason that I do not know. I made it with pure orange juice, red seedless grapes, spinach, and ice. I started juicing for a better eating habit, not really to lose weight, which by the way is a bonus. I know there are many benefits from juicing. For me, I’ve been more energized, more alert, feeling lighter, skin becoming clearer, hair a little healthier, and most important, eating better. Would I do it as a diet and only have my meals in juice form? No. I only use it as a add on to a meal or replace one meal (2-3/wk). I love the health benefits it is giving me. I suggest you try it but not as a diet. Until next time beauties!



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