MAC Heirloom collection Review

So today I’ll be reviewing the pigments from the M.A.C Heirloom Collection. First all, I’m not one to give in and buy special limited edition collection. Why? you ask. Because if a color becomes my favorite, I would like to know that I can get more of it months later and so on. But I gave in and bought the Gold and Beige Pigments plus glitter. These are perfect for a neutral look. They are very pigmented in my opinion. I will post photos below. Now this is a set of 5 mini bottles of pigments for $35. One of them is glitter which is good for over a color or a liner. Just dip a clean small thin brush in duo glue and dip in the glitter then line away. It’s great if you don’t want to put to much into your makeup for that day. They do stay put, which is great! The box that they come in is a big pretty bonus too. I say check out the collection. There’s many colors and items. I think it’s classy. Until next time, beauties!






4 thoughts on “MAC Heirloom collection Review

  1. Hellooo… Wow, these all look amazing!! I particularly like ‘English gilt’. The box it comes in is fab too! Please post a tutorial when you use them 😊
    Natalie x


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