Revlon Gel Nail Polish Review

Today I’m going to review the Revlon Gel Envy Nail Polish in the color “Long Shot.” Now, I’m a person who appreciates a good gel manicure. Enjoying the salon setting and chatting away with my nail technician. Trying to figure out what to Ricardo and Annabella. Just being outside of the house to relax. But I, just like everyone else nowadays, can’t keep up with the maintenance and the costly joyness. Plus nothing can really surpass the comforts of home sweet home. So on to the review. First of all, Target/$5.00/0.4 fl oz. The pigmentation is very opaque, 1 layer would be more than enough. It does tell you to apply 2 layers of the color and 1 layer of the top coat. By the way, the top coat is called Diamond gel envy top coat. Just FYI. I do say it does dry quite fast. It does have the feel and gloss finish of a gel manicure. Plus it comes with the bonus of not having to use a uv lamp. From the first step to the third step, I’d say it took me all about 15 mins. Enjoy!



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