To Subscribe or Not To Subscribe

I want to first apologize for this being but this is my 10cent rant. So anyways, anyone into these subscription box services? Are they really worth it? Now, I’m a person who likes her money’s worth. There’s always going to be one item in the box that you won’t like. Am I just being whatever you want to call it? I’m paying for it so I want everything in the box to be what I would like. I’ve been delaying on getting on board with this. Plus there’s just too many. I guess you have to try and test. There are beauty, fitness, vegan, snack, international, men, kids, clothing, jewelry, and so on, so on. They do sound like a good gift for family, and friend. I still can’t believe how big this thing has become. But I’ll say one thing: That’s SMART business.
I know not everyone likes to shop around or they want to try new brands. It’s a good way to explore past your known horizon. We’ll see if this is worth it.


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