Skin Vacation!

Any of you ever felt like your skin needed a break? Like one day, you start putting your makeup then all of a sudden you feel kinda sick? Well I do. That’s when I know my skin need its vacay! *start begging for forgiveness*
Everyone’s skin is different, so don’t try that same mud mask your friend uses, if you have oily skin. There’s 8 skin types: sensitive, redness, dull, very dry, dry, normal, oily, and very oily. There’s treatments for all kinds of skins. Now’s this mask product that’s becoming popular and that’s the Hollywood California GlamGlow. It does tingle and have a warm sensation and also expensive. At $69.00 per 1.7 oz a piece! It can be expensive but it does it’s job. But let’s not cross off the cheap ones. Now I have multiple masks but I love my John freedman mask. They’re inexpensive and work just as good. Plus they tend to work better than the more expensive ones. You got to play around and see which ones work best. You never know, maybe one thats meant for one skin type will work for you. Also, don’t be afraid to multi-mask. But that’s another post for another day. Talk to you later!


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