Fleet Week in Bay Area!

The reving sounds of the planes engines fly across the sky as the sounds of patriotism roar across the crowds. In the Bay Area, this past week was Fleet week. Today is second to last day of the event. For those of you that don’t know what Fleet Week is: a special week to thank our present men/women and past veterans of Naval services, celebrate they’re hard work and honor their selfless devotion to their duty, and a get a peek into their world.
The streets flooded with uniforms of all military, mainly Naval and Marine. The public get the chances to tour the navy ships and meet many of our country’s protectors. This year my family and I weren’t able to tour the ships. We will see the Blue Angels show. It’s a show where the the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps flight demonstration squadron showcase their professionalism and pride. The public love the show. There is so much beauty in their demonstration. You can feel the pilots pride and honour through the show. Plus the design they leave is pretty nice bonus as well. Until next year Blue Angels. Thank you to all the Navy and Marine present and past for all of your devotions and hard work. God Bless The United States of America!


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