Secret of youth?

So my older sister and I have been wondering for years on how our dear mother has yet changed since she was in her early twenties. Mind you she’s in her early fifties now. I believe we found her secret! Olay sunscreen moisturizer! She uses that on her face. That has to be the secret. We think? Maybe? Ok so we don’t know but that had to help. I mean she’s been using it only all these years. Don’t you all hate it when you have a mother that barely, if not a single wrinkle, aged? You try so hard to figure out what she does to stay like that. Maybe we should listen when they tell us of old home remedies and referrals. If Olay has kept my mom looking like that, Olay is my skin’s new best friend. Instead of a primer, I wore that moisturizer under my makeup. Let me just say, it felt good on my face! My makeup actually lasted longer with this than a primer. Maybe I have a new addition to my skin/makeup routine. We will see. Until next time!


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